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Many persons think and believe the greatest need of a dad is money to care for his chidren or time to spend with his children. While theses things are important and can’t be overlooked, a dad’s greatest need pertaining to his role in the life of his children is knowledge of how to be an effective father. He must know how important he is in the life of his children as well as what to do with his children to make them successful in life.

Men are at a disadvantage in one sense; they do not take to fathering by intuition; it is most often a learned act. Men, unlike women do not have biological experiences comparable to pregnancy, childbirth;, lactation etc. which would have made learning the craft of fathering compelling. When a man comes from a home where his father was effective in moulding his children in to responsible adults, he is already equipped to some extent with what he needs to be an effective father. Men who were raised by their mothers alone without a father figure in the impressionable years of their lives must learn what effective fathering is all about.

Effective fathering entails catering for the material, physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of a child until he or she arrives at young adulthood. Many fathers with little fathering knowledge take refuge in sending their children to reputable schools that will hopefully knock their children into shape. They forget that a father’s role is irreplaceable and keeping the child away from home at the most impressionable period of the child’s life is a deprivation many children never recover from even as adults.

Dads would meet this meet as they read about fathering, attend fathering classes, discussing with other fathers, join fathering fora and blogs that cater to fathers on the net, as well as seek professional counseling when they have challenges.

We must not relent in our efforts to become effective dads since in the words of George Herbert, “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters”.

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Dr Francis Edo Olotu is a Medical Practitioner, Family and Marriage Counselor, Conference Speaker and Author. He is the Author of Amazing Power in Fatherhood, Releasing the Power in Fatherhood and Your Guide to Cancer Prevention. He is married with four children ages 12 to 22

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