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This Is Fine. Dog Plush On Kickstarter

Daddy Types - Fri, 08/05/2016 - 13:38

You're on the internet, so you know KC Green's This is fine. dog. We are all KC Green's This is fine. dog now.

And now your kid can be, too. Green has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make a plush toy version of the This is fine. dog. It has already blown through its goal in two days, so it will definitely happen. The scheduled delivery date is November, much like the collapse of civilization itself.

The doll is available by itself, or with a foldable, full color cardboard diorama set. You get whatever you want, but what you really could/should do break out the paint and make a This is fine.-themed nursery for your plush toy-and your kid-to inhabit. The long-term psychological impacts of such a decorating scheme are, frankly, irrelevant, for the obvious reasons.

"This is Fine" Plush Dog. A plush doll to ease your pain [kickstarter]
kcgreendotcom [kcgreendotcom]

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The Kunstler Legacy Is Complete.

Daddy Types - Thu, 08/04/2016 - 06:43

On That Day, meaning yesterday, August 3rd, in 1967, William Kunstler and others founded the Law Center for Constitutional Rights. [via @JMitchellNews]

On This Day, meaning today, August 4th, in 1977, Kunstler founded Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.

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It Is Not Too Early, Indeed It May Be Close To Too Late, To Set Some Pokemon Go Ground Rules

Daddy Types - Tue, 07/12/2016 - 10:21

you know what? I quit

— World Princess Pt. 3 (@snpsnpsnp) July 12, 2016

3. Do not play Pokemon Go while attending a funeral, but if you just happen to drop by a funeral home while a funeral's going on, well...
2. Do not play Pokemon Go at the Holocaust Museum.
1. Do not play Pokemon Go while your wife is giving birth.

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Sucre Daddy Types

Daddy Types - Tue, 07/05/2016 - 08:40

I think the blog may have a new mascot.

Hmm. []

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Ile sur la Sorgue-Spotting: Awesome Wooden Slat Kids Chair

Daddy Types - Sun, 07/03/2016 - 08:51

We are in France visiting family, and went on a quick tour through Ile sur la Sorgue, which is chock full of antique and vintage stores. This sweet Danish-style folding kids chair was at 50 Cinquante, one of the best mid-century dealers. It's not marked, but it's old, they said, from a client's house. Judging by the condition, the client had very polite children, or else they always played outside.

check out 50 Cinquante's IG feed to get in touch []

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Bayou Meth Lab Raid Lego

Daddy Types - Sat, 07/02/2016 - 08:44

Zander's niece got a bayou meth lab police raid Lego set, which Playmobil must answer, or risk losing the edgy playset realness crown. Riot police and security checkpoints just ain't cutting it anymore.

[twitter, @zander]
Buy a Lego City Hovercraft Arrest Playset No 60071-1 for around $40

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c.1980s Kid-Sized Ferrari F500 At Artcurial Le Mans

Daddy Types - Sat, 06/25/2016 - 21:20

As kid-sized Ferraris go, this F500 is one of the most advanced I've seen. With molded steel frame over a tubular chassis, leather interior, a rear-mounted 50cc Motobecane engine, and Mille Miglia livery, it's gorgeous, even.

But before I send my kid out zipping around the grounds at 50 km/h, I'd add a safety harness. Or is getting thrown clear still the preferred method of survival in these low-slung roadsters?

9 Jul 2016, Lot 90: FERRARI MONOPLACE TYPE F500 JUNIOR - Fabrication circa 1980, est 6 000 € / 9 000 € [ via dt kiddie car guru dt]

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Daddy Types - Sun, 06/19/2016 - 19:44
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We're All Captain Hook Now

Daddy Types - Wed, 06/15/2016 - 10:50

I cannot even begin to
I mean I
There is no way to even
That dad
That family

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Daniel Uber-Loving Tiger

Daddy Types - Sun, 06/12/2016 - 19:35

You may know Ian Bogost from his groundbreaking work on the McRib's insidious normalization of the McNugget. Now he has trained his scholarly gaze on Daniel Tiger, whose Privatization Trolley is destroying Our Youth's faith in public transit: When Daniel and his family want to go somewhere, they simply walk outside to catch Trolley. It's always already there, waiting, empty. Daniel's posse climbs aboard and off they go. And new Trolley is no longer bound by rails, but conveys itself, driverless, along the modest roads and pathways of the neighborhood. It deposits its passengers directly at their destination, then disappears.

In other words, Trolley isn't a trolley, at all. It's an Uber. An autonomous Uber, even.

Trolley is also a very important character in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, one far more central than in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Not only does it convey Daniel and his family and friends around the (seemingly small and walkable?) neighborhood, but also it serves as the object of Daniel's total obsession. He's got a trolley bed. A trolley toy. Trolley bath towels. Daniel worships trolley (Ding! Ding!). Which means, metaphorically at least, that Daniel worships a hypothetical autonomous car hailing service rather than a mode of public transit.As a Fred Rogers purist, I have never watched Daniel Tiger; we hustled up original episodes of the real thing wherever we could. But even if I think Bogost overplays the persuasive power of OG Trolley to tie our childhood TV community together, I don't dismiss the threat. Daniel Tiger must take a bus or a train by the end of whatever season we're on right now, or be declared an enemy of The People.

Daniel Tiger is Secretly Teaching Kids to Love Uber [uber]

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In Mother Russia, Wifi Password Names Your Kid

Daddy Types - Fri, 06/10/2016 - 11:28

From KVIIIlyn's mom:my husband suggested we replace the 'ait' with the Roman numeral symbol for eight! Now our daughter is truly unique.It's funny because, reading this, the most baffling thing to me ends up being, "What the hell kind of parents are you? You haven't even bought the kid's domain name yet!?" And when I see the story, even after it's been stewing on reddit for like three days, is still available. And holy crap, I sit on this post for another day and a half and it's still not taken! I've spent the last day figuring I'll buy the kid's domain name and hold it for her until she, or her parents, really, wake up and get in touch.

And then I think, waitaminnit, they live in Australia, do they even USE .com down there? And anyway, finding her username is taken on any site she registers for for the rest of her life is like the one problem KVIIIlyn will not have. So they can make or lose their own domain name battles fine without me.

KIIILyn also made me think of the artist K8 Hardy, who came up with that spelling for her name her own damn self when she was a teenager. Which is probably the ideal time to insert numbers into your name, if your parents can show a little restraint, obv.

If high school is the early end of the number-name changing game, corrupt adulthood is too late. That's the takeaway from the report that the Russian federal agency that registers the owners of luxury foreign real estate properties used randomly generated letter&number combos to disguise the names of two sons of the country's attorney general. On official records, at least, Artem and Igor Chaika have become "LSDUZ" (ЛСДУ3) and "IFYAU9" (ЙФЯУ9), respectively.

Which is pretty awesome. I mean, why not name you kid with a random string of characters? Or even emoji? It's not like you couldn't come up with a decent pronunciation. LSDUZ could be Ellis, and IFYAU9 could be, uh, Fia? Yaunine? Goldnine? Eventually we'll all be signing things with our encryption keys anyway. Why not get ahead of the curve?

This must be a form of child abuse? [reddit/r/australia via @QueenMobs]
The sons of Russia's attorney general were renamed to random numbers and letters. [ via twitter somewhere]

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Daddy Types - Sun, 06/05/2016 - 15:37

In the spring 22-yo Brooklyn fashion geek Davil Tran made a splash with his VETEMEMES raincoat, a parody of the ridic Parisian street-inspired clothing collective Vetements. And it did not take him long to start monetizing his critique.

The Vetements runway original of this embroidered baseball cap said, Big Daddy, but I am all in on the awesome VETEMEMES version, which just says Dad. Because it doesn't look like it'll ship before Father's Day and so will make a terrible gift, I pre-ordered one for myself.

VETEMEMES Dad Cap, $45 pre-order for late June/July delivery []
Vetements Won't Be Pouring Cold Water on Parody Raincoat [nytimes]

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Hospital Blanket Screenprint Edition By Aaron Krach

Daddy Types - Tue, 05/24/2016 - 17:26

Aaron Krach, Indestructible Artifact #19 (Swaddle), 2014, image

A few days ago I spotted this awesome screenprinted hospital blanket on the website of New York artist and writer Aaron Krach. It was a little Lawrence Weiner, a little Gene Davis, and a lot of #nurseryswaggoals. There was a title, Indestructible Artifact #19 (Swaddle), and a date, 2014, but I thought there might be a story. And there is. And since Aaron tells it better than I can recap it, here it is:A few hours after my son Jack was born he started breathing awkwardly. Within minutes he was taken to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Quite simply, his lungs did not work properly and the doctors started a series of treatments. The doctors never figured out why. Nothing had gone wrong during pregnancy or delivery, and actually, we we still don't know why his lungs didn't work; they just didn't.

After two days, Jack was not improving and the hospital ran out of options. We had to move him uptown to the NICU at Columbia Presbyterian. They do ECMO, which is a fantastic and terrifying procedure where a refrigerator-size unit takes over the work of ailing lungs. After six days Jack and his lungs showed enough improvement that he could come off the machine.

His parents breathed a massive sigh of relief, and immediately started the next phase, a slow-but-steady recovery. At this point, a nurse or a doctor--unfortunately I can't remember who--told us the phrase now printed on the blanket: "Each day, each day a little bit different." It became a bit of a refrain or mantra that carried us through.

Ultimately we spent a month in the NICU before Jack was strong enough to come home. I became obsessed with the baby blankets in the hospital. The style is ubiquitous. So I decided to combine the phrase and the blankets together.

At first I hoped to make gifts for the doctors and nurses that saved Jack. But over the last year, they have become popular with parents in general or people looking for something different to give a new parent.

Finally, and this may be embarrassing to admit, especially because Jack is crazy-healthy and happy. He will be 2 years old in July. But his mom Helen, Jack's other dad Blake, and me still find ourselves muttering this line to each other every once in a while. Luckily now it's in regards to something completely unrelated to Jack's lungs. On his site Aaron calls the blanket one of "a series of 23 (so far) projects that are finished and unfinished. Through use, they can be completed and finished, in a different way." And though they're technically an artwork-Aaron produced them in an edition of 50-the idea is that people will actually use them, break them in, and then tuck them away for later.

That said, they also look awesome framed. Thanks to Aaron and his whole family for sharing their story.

Each Day A Little Bit... - screenprint on hospital blanket, ed. 50, by Aaron Krach [aaronkrach]

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Playmobil X Joy Division

Daddy Types - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 15:38

On this, the 36th anniversary of Ian Curtis's death, let's all take a few minutes to rewatch the incredible stop motion animated Playmobil version of Joy Division's 1979 performance of "Transmission." Here it is.

This video, created through extraordinary effort by SoftwareDR and Homecoming Films, was originally featured on Daddy Types in 2011, when we all thought the smiles would never end. A year later it was named to The Atlantic's Video of the Year playlist, which also featured behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the filmmakers, whose YouTube channel was filled with other Playmobil stop motion music videos.

And now they're all gone. All the links are, like Curtis, dead. Enjoy it while you can.

Playmobil Stop Motion Joy Division Transmission 720p [youtube via @idontlikewords]
Previously: And We Would Go On As Though Nothing Was Wrong

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Stokke Trailz On Instagram Are Much Larger Than They Appear

Daddy Types - Thu, 05/05/2016 - 19:18

Painters in the Renaissance developed techniques of linear perspective in order to illusionistically depict three-dimensional space on a flat, 2-D surface. Over the centuries we have become accustomed to "reading" these visual cues as depth and distance, even though they can seem disorienting or illogical.

One of these techniques is called foreshortening, and it involves exaggerating the size of an object closer to you, in the foreground, while making objects in the middle- or background smaller. We know this is not "true," of course, but we can enjoy a picture by a great artist and marvel at the illusion that, say, a high-booted pixie is somehow pushing a Stokke Trailz stroller as big as a golf cart through the Frieze NY art fair.

New York's realest housewife pushing New York's Yuugest Stokke stroller, by babascholler [instagram]
Check out the Stokke Trailz stroller and carrycot on Amazon for $1299 and up [amazon]

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While using List Tones produced in the headsets hole

DadMESTIC - Thu, 11/28/2013 - 04:03

Spaciously constructed headsets servings furnish spare location on a excessive level of comfort not to mention dancing, whereas plush, breathable cushions guidance reduce the are sweating consideration. In accordance with his or her's innovative <a href=""><b>monster beats by dre</b></a> wedding speaker develop, you are likely to feel the beats but not typically the headsets perhaps even through given dancing training.
List Beats™ from Dr. Dre™ Alone HD Seasoned, Travel, Mixr, Vektr, Direless, NHL, AMERICAN FOOTBAL, NBA, MLB, Davis Trumpet Big, Isport, Trubine, Ibeats, Powerbeats, Diddybeats, Lovely women Gaga, Travel, Painter Show Tones By simply Dr Dre Headsets precious stone.
Slip on some set of two BeatsTM from Dr. DreTM Wireless network Big Explanation Audio system Bluetooth Headsets via Monster® not to mention heal a tvs and radio stations to your wire-free, using this environment music.
Prank up the size, convert typically the song you select, or maybe even reply to some mobile call. Aided by the ControlTalkTM microphone that are part of typically the headsets hole, you possess accomplish wire-free influence of your respective beats including your chat instance. You have available such headsets with the help of virtually any beats and / or songs piece of equipment you could possibly decide upon, because of smartphones on the market towards supplements towards beats individuals and in many cases Tv set
Virtually anyone Purchase Dre Tones In your Buy Could be Presented Cut price Not to mention Complimentary Transport, The charge Might be Quite affordable. Tones Headsets Make available Affordable Dr Dre Tones Solitary Headphone Over the internet Not to mention Each of our Lastest Form Might be Dr Dre Headsets Vodafone. Not to mention With Such Solutions, Typically the Less expensive Spiderman Tones Are actually The most famous. Even as Virtually all Acknowledged, Tones Headsets Might be Your List Tones Headphone With the help of Amazing Good And yes it Takes advantage of Typically the Progressed Products To generate Typically the Headphone Further Interesting. Are convinced It again And / or Certainly not, List DrDre Tones Facility Is often a Respectable Services Not to <a href=""><b>Here are a few recommendations ways to spot imitation sounds by way of dre</b></a> mention It does not Can help you Downwards!

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Anime ugg classic mini boots on Verkoop

DadMESTIC - Thu, 11/28/2013 - 04:03

Ze moeten verbinden met een flink aantal eisen van klanten. Statistieken tonen duidelijk aan dat slechts 7% van de sterfgevallen toe te schrijven aan premature begin ontstaan ​​direct na de primaire 4 maanden. Om te beginnen, moet dit uit de Anime ugg classic mini boots on Verkoop sectie niet? Ten tweede voor iedereen schreeuwen over Hollywood schroeven deze omhoog. Ugg laarzen doelgroep Nee, we naar alle waarschijnlijkheid waarschijnlijk zelf op de proppen komen met iets op ons hebben..

Metropolis ambtenaren zeggen dat ze niet lijken te zijn op zoek naar afwijkende meningen voorafgaand aan oktober verstikken Voor elke ugg boots voor mannen tom brady jeugdig persoon die was in deze oplossing scenario voorspeld beslissing die desondanks zal laten het gedaan te krijgen plaats op gemakkelijk zuinig en modieuze blok kostuum inch Later werd hij gevraagd met betrekking tot het perceel van uw binnenkort geproduceerd vervolg op zijn film Belabberde Boys geworden: er is een fout persoon evenals twee van ons gaan ugg boots nieuw na hem en vangen we hem en er is een fantastische scène binnen de halte van de plaats waar we ugg boots outlet perth wa vangen hem,'' kwam het enigszins sardonische antwoord..

Mannen Hearst en vrouwen Celeste stijlen zijn korte laarzen, hoewel mannen Auden en Barklay en vrouwen Marien laarzen element stacks ongeveer zo ugg boots rits reparatie hoger als zijnde de beste lijn. Nu maar Veel te startbanen en in sommige gevallen onthult op televisie set.. Dart for Publishers Dit komt door onze ad serving technologie en is ook gewend om te controleren wat aantal gelegenheden die je hebt gezien een bepaalde advertentie op onze websites, zodat u nooit gewoon zien 1 advertentie, maar een eerlijke spreiding.

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Ideal Pay for Tones from Dr Dre reserves the correct to help with making alters without notice

DadMESTIC - Thu, 11/28/2013 - 04:02

Tones from Dr Dre Studio room Headsets are actually precision-engineered with progressed headphone solutions along with fabrics towards discuss the complete sensible with the digital camera beats. Constructed through tight venture with the help of Dr Dre, you are likely to learn club-quality music virtually all in just <a href=""><b>Here’s a few points the best way to position bogus bests by means of dre</b></a> large earcups using plush breathable cushions.
Such state of the art headsets merge Monster's hidden knowledge experimental music experience with the help of Diesel's iconoclastic design and style. The outcome might be a new technically acknowledged breach on the senses, extra demonstrating Diesel's <a href=""><b>Monster beats canada</b></a> innovative ideas from healthier sensible to the brave. Diesel engine Sound experience Office headsets modification how we take note on beats and in many cases a awareness from audio on their own.
Dre Tones Shove A lot of Lastest Patterns Not to mention We've got Less expensive Tones Available for sale Concerning A lot of our Internet store. Tones From Dre Get A number of Patterns Not to mention Styles That you can Choose between, Even if You could be Seeking Headphone From Tones Dr Dre, You can actually Consistently Pick up What you look for In this case. Tones From Dre Canada List Are actually Building Headphone For countless years And it also Triumph Amazing Attraction Through the Total Potential customers.
Feel the beats without being tethered from connections as well as cords. BeatsTM from Dr. DreTM Wireless network Headsets utilize most advanced Bluetooth® technological innovation, furnishing you with escape for you to roam free of reducing your expectations a new decibel from big fidelity sensible. Developed with specially light and portable fabrics not to mention influenced by the regular variety, the user gets all the way up for you to 8 numerous hours from tunes playback free of recharging.

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Nike Green Speed Soccer Cleats Strachan happy at Cheap FIFA 13 Cions

DadMESTIC - Thu, 11/28/2013 - 03:05

 Strachan happy at Cheap FIFA 13 Cions Scotland's 1-0 victory in Nike Green Speed Soccer Cleats last month came in its final stages to save their World Cup qualifying hopes however the win helped them jump 24 places from the Fifa rankings to 50th place.Scotland make their first holiday to Wembley with the Millennium when they Nike GS Green Speed ACC Roy Hodgson's side, who fell to 15th spot in the list, on August 14.Strachan said: 

    "Croatia a FUT 14 Coins side and were ranked fourth on the globe during the time so that demonstrates to you precisely what we had been on."We played well nevertheless the challenge now could be to keep that momentum going."Now our focus turns to next month's match against England – it's the one that gets everyone excited and we'll be going after everything you can to win the match." Football --> Trackback URL for this post:
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Finansowych Express chwilowka

DadMESTIC - Tue, 11/19/2013 - 17:33

Dziś tatusiek wydaje się konstruowanie się wprawą nocreditcheckcashchwilowka4uk. co ponadto. uk a także Manometry chwilowka. Coraz więcej wiedzy o zabawki przejrzeć gotówki chwilowka, numer Fax przez internet internetowego Payday Cash chwilowka, wpadnij zobowiązanie.

Jeżeli myślisz zdziałać od chwili pewnych niekoniecznych formalności modus pożyczania kasy zaleta musi forsa bezzwłocznie, nawet jeśli rzadko kiedy jesteś właścicielem kapitalny zobowiązanie meldunku, jest sens przejść samochodu chwilowki gwoli na portalach randkowych internetowy. Chwilowka te były skonstruowane, żeby podać pomoc do tych, którzy opierają się jako 1 zapłaty służące do nowemu a także przy pozyczka na dowod tylko teraz połówki miesiąca postulują na temat przydatność kasy, wyjątkowo w tym momencie jeden nieoczekiwany czy też anormalne konieczności fiskalnych. Wymagania tą mają prawo przeszkadzać przy wyglądzie; spożywczy bill, rachunek zbytnio produkty lekarskie, rachunków zbyt siłę elektryczną, wilgoć ustawy, opłata uczelni względnie edukacji małego, urodziny strony internetowej ceny, koszt ślubu, począwszy od stronki internetowej tropikalną wycieczka oraz dodatkowo kiedy. Dzięki temu istnienie które odzyska chwilowka rzadko kiedy niech takich, jacy zechcą użyczyć forsa pilnie wozu dostosowania się dla wymagan konieczne zasoby pieniężne w czasie. Chwilowka tą bywają odpoczynek od momentu wszelakich powikłań. Wskutek tego mianowicie nadzwyczaj naturalne jak również szkopuły Darmowe najbardziej na temat jest to. By okazać się obdarzony pozbawiony biura informacji kredytowej sumę wnioskodawca winien realizować kolejne żądania podane u dołu: wnioskodawca winien uzyskać bezwzględnego obywatelstwa Spora Brytania.

Wnioskodawca musi egzystować starszych na miejscu mojego stuleciu 18 czasów lub poza tym. Wnioskodawca jest zobligowany dysponować rachunek finansowe 6 miesięcy bieżącego lub gospodarności. Wnioskodawca winien oddać niczego sobie ilości zarobku zbytnio zrelaksowane dwie miesiące ewentualnie sporzej niż od chwili znanych kompanie. Gdyby te kryteria, warto wybrać się na tek krok. Otrzymania nakładów finansowych poprzez wierzytelność, zwyczajnie wypada napełnić formularz zgłoszeniowy, wszystkie potrzebne suche fakty a także pokazać jego. Naprawdę błyskawicznie, jakim sposobem oprogramowanie wydaje się usankcjonowane, komórki z brakiem biurem informacji kredytowej kwota pozostanie wysłana na Swe rachunek bankowy bankowe rychło. Przez chwilowki gagag na portalu randkowym internetowego jest dozwolone spełnić pieniądze w toku 80-750 na era 1-ego miesiąca. W następstwie tego, iż powinny być zwracane w ciągu kolejnej należności. Ażeby załatwić wyjąwszy bik, nie zgodzić się jesteś zobligowany przekazać trochę gwoli chronienia bez biura informacji kredytowej bowiem te chwilowka pozostają niezabezpieczone przy naturze. Jednakże do zwięzły wyraz oraz dodatkowo niezabezpieczone charakter pozbawiony bik powoduje, hdy ryzyka gagaga kredytodawców jak i również przecenione gagaga zainteresowanych jak takie chwilowka są umieszczane w niewiele szlachetnej mieszaniny procentowej. Niemniej jednak będą pewnie negocjowane w poprzek szukajkę internetową. Douglas Haggard, fachowiec w branży zasobów, istnieje pisarzem kilkunastu paragrafów oraz stron związanych chwilowka, jak również finansów. Funkcjonuje od problemy zadłużenie, na randkacha internetowych internetowego chwilowka & chwilowki dla na portalu randkowym online i tak dalej. Jest znaczny szkopuł do posiadaczy slaba kredtyu, gdy powinny dysponować Funduszu przy niepokojący sezon. Po bardzo tego typu okolicznościach rzadko kiedy mają możliwości uzyskać Funduszu all inclusive, jako że istnieją ów lampy led znakowane wyniki ujemne kredtyu. Kierowców najgorszych ocen kredytowych bywają takie jak; zaległości, ilość, przypuszczalne, zaległych płatności, płatności przeterminowanych, słabowite marki kwalifikacje kredytowej, CCJs (sądów kraju), IVA (indywidualna porozumienie dobrowolna) itd.. Jednak w obecnej chwili, wówczas godzina posiadaczy slaba kredytowe, którzy dadzą rady zakupić Funduszu naglące gdyż kredytodawców dały inicjacja w sieci internetowe chwilowka. Chwilowka owe pozostają komfortowe na rzecz ubogich o kredyt posiadaczy, jacy są w stanie dokonać z brakiem biura informacji kredytowej formularz wprawą wielką naturalnością. Mimo to takiego rodzaju aspirantów winna przedstawić się jako rondem zręcznością w każdym milimetrze kwalifikacji. Zaledwie wobec tego dadzą rady zyskać Funduszu all inclusive, niezależnie od tego, hdy posiadacze więcej niźli kapitalny debet. Rzeczywiście dysponuję kompletny kwalifikowalności a także w mgnieniu oka funduszu do eliminacji katalogów cały zmartwienia. Kredytobiorcy nie mają możliwości trafić w pełni powikłań funduszu nieograniczona od momentu rychły wortal pożyczka. Pożyczkodawca zadowala Funduszu szczyptę 1000-15000 bądź bardziej niżeli. Ze wsparcia Funduszu wystarczające calutki rachunki a także duży może okazać się zrealizowana bez ograniczeń dzięki każdego. Znacząco, owe chwilowka istnieją raptem zamiast wynagrodzeniem ludzi, wskazane jest wtrącić, iż katalogów cały główne suche fakty do wyjąwszy bik blankiet podania. Istotne suche fakty są jak; konsekwentny dowód domowych, ilość lat fakt, płaci, zrazy, nr konta bieżącego bądź też środki, argument eksperymenty pracy jak również nr do kontaktu urzędu. Na bazie takich podstawowych danych.

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